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  • Products Name: Accelerator DETU-80
  • Cas No.: 105-55-5 granule
  • Chemical Name: N,N'- diethylthiourea
  • Einecs No.: 203-308-5
  • MDL:

Pre-dispersed Accelerator DETU-80


Structural Formula


Molecular Formula C5H17N2S

Molecular Weight 132.23

Chemical Name N,N'- diethylthiourea 

Einecs No. 203-308-5

Cas No. 105-55-5


Typical Properties


N,N'- diethylthiourea (DETU)

Percent Active





white to cream granule


~1.10g/cm3 (20℃)


Product Description DETU-80 imparts fast curing rate and continuous vulcanization to CR. It maybe cause scorching when combined with DETU-80, MBTS-75 and DOTG-70, but brings about fast acceleration. It also imparts heat-resistance and mechanical performance to vulcanizate and won’t cause blooming.


Processing Characteristics DETU maybe present crystal, then require adjusting mixing temperature and time. However, DETU-80 has good dosing and mixing property, and won’t cake at ordinary temperature and humidity. It has good fluidity, no irritating dust and no material loss. It keeps optimal activity of DETUand easily disperses in kinds of rubber compounds. Recommend that DETU -80 is added at last stage of mixing.


Dosage 0.1 ~ 2.0 phr DETU-80 with 1.0 phr MBTS-80 and 1.0 phr DOTG-70.


Applications DETU-80 is a universal accelerator for CR products, e.g. synchronous belts, V-belts and other moulded, injected and extruded products.


Packaging Coextruded paper bags lined with plastic film, net weight 25Kg/bag.


Storage Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from sunlightfor up to 1 year.


Safety and toxicity Refer to related MSDS.

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