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  • Products Name: Accelerator MBTS(DM)-75
  • Cas No.: 120-78-5 Granule
  • Chemical Name: dibenzothiazyl disulphide
  • Einecs No.: 204-424-9
  • MDL:

Pre-dispersed Accelerator MBTS(DM)-75


Structural Formula

Molecular Formula C14H8N2S4

Molecular Weight 332.5

Cas No. 120-78-5
Chemical Name dibenzothiazyl disulphide
Einecs No. 204-424-9

Typical Properties


2,2′-dibenzothiazyl disulphide(MBTS(DM))

Percent Active





cream granule


~1.32g/cm3 (20℃)


Product Description MBTS(DM)-75 is a universal accelerator with good processing safety, can be used alone or by combination with other ones. It can prevent from scorching with active sulfonamide. It is activated by thiuram, sulfonamide and aldehyde amine. MBTS(DM)-75 can delay set-up of vulcanization in CR system, and improve processing safety by combined with ultra-accelerator.


Processing Characteristics Generally, MBTS(DM) powderadheres to devices easily, disperses difficultly in mixing process. However, MBTS(DM)-75has good dosing and mixing property, and won’t cake at ordinary temperature and humidity. It has good fluidity, no irritating dust and no material loss. It keeps optimal activity of MBTS(DM) and easily disperses in kinds of rubber compounds. Recommend that MBTS(DM)-75 is added at last stage of mixing.


Dosage In NR system:

            As primary accelerator, 1.2~2.2 phr MBTS(DM)-75 with 2.0~3.0 phr sulfur;

            As secondary accelerator, 0.6~1.2 phr MBTS(DM)-75 with 0.2~0.5 phr dithiocarbamate and 1.0~2.0 phr sulfur.

            In SBR system:

            As primary accelerator, 1.2~3.3 phr MBTS(DM)-75 with 1.0~3.0 phr sulfur;

            As assistant accelerator, 0.3 ~0.8 phr MBTS(DM)-75 with 1.0~3.0 phr sulfur and 0.3~0.6 phr sulfonamide.

            In NBR system:

            As primary accelerator, 1.2~2.2 phr MBTS(DM)-75 with 0.2~2.0 phr sulfur;

            As assistant accelerator, 0.8 phr MBTS(DM)-75 with 0.2~2.0 phr and 0.3 phr sulfonamide.

            In IIR system:

             0.3~1.3 phr MBTS(DM)-75 with 1.0~2.0 phr sulfur.


Applications MBTS(DM)-75 is used for heat-resistance products, e.g. insulation layer and sheath of cables, rigid vulcanizate, etc..


Packaging Coextruded paper bags lined with plastic film, net weight 25Kg/bag.


Storage Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from sunlightfor up to 1 year..


Safety and toxicity Refer to related MSDS.

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